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The invasion report

28th July 1961


The invasion is on!

Your prime source for fake news and government propaganda

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Government denies Knowledge

8th April 1961

Furon Empire About To Switch Things Up

In an not entirely unexpected move, the Furon Empire has announced that it will launch […] Read more

4th March 1961

New, colorful Alien species discovered

To prolong their Human subjects’ support, the Furon Empire developed three new outfits and, being […] Read more

17th December 1960

Happy Human Holidays!

In accordance with Human customs, the Furon Empire has decided to celebrate the so-called winter […] Read more

29th July 1960

The invasion has begun…

It is done. It is out. Crypto has landed. Read more

23rd July 1960

Growing population supports Invasion

In a shocking turn of events, more and more Humans seem to be in full […] Read more

30th May 1960

Aliens infecting personal computers via “free demo”

Since Wednesday, the 27th of May at around 1500 CEST, an organisation by the name […] Read more

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