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The invasion report

30th May 1960

Aliens infecting personal computers via “free demo”

The invasion is on!

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Government denies Knowledge

Since Wednesday, the 27th of May at around 1500 CEST, an organisation by the name of GOG, otherwise known as Good Old Games, has been spreading a demonstration version of the Furon Empire’s brainwashing software to countless personal computers.

Previously, these attacks have only affected local events or targeted individuals.

Good Old Games has not responded to our request for comment about why they would allow such a vile thing to spread into the homes of our innocent citizens.

We advise our readers to share the following link in order to protect their loved ones.
Do not fall for the tricks of the Alien Invaders and no not, under any circumstances, click this link!

We fear that this operation may sooner or later spread to other organisations.